1. Posted by miux2, — Reply

    everyone looks so pretty! feel like id end up looking like a russian grandma lol

  2. Posted by Kikilleu, — Reply

    trying not to be that person but @ my poc , do you guys remember when we’d get in trouble and told we looked ghetto for this same style with the bandana?

  3. Posted by popaiacuDdd, — Reply

    Bruh u all Look gorgeous

  4. Posted by glcssy_tips, — Reply

    bruh everyone else that does this hairstyle looks gorgeous but I end up looking bald 😭💀

  5. Posted by sglo8, — Reply

    I like that song

  6. Posted by ariah_cape, — Reply

    ⍨Ella⍨you don’t know how old she is. ik you have some type of form of acne but her acne is under control and so what her face looks a little dirty you can’t tell me that your face is ALWAYS clean sometime your face needs to breath from all of the acne cream you put on your face. what happened to girls empowering girls building them up? our world is so fucked up and judgmental. YA’LL ARE GORGEOUS AND YOUR APPEARANCE ISN’T EVERYTHING. FOCUS ON THE INSIDE BEFORE THE OUTSIDE!!!

  7. Posted by zellamasayshi, — Reply

    Lmfao, I've been doing this since I was little I was too lazy to brush my uberthick hair, and apparently it's a style The more you know

  8. Posted by maelysgallee, — Reply

    Very very bioutifoul

  9. Posted by mwamaithastu, — Reply

    that so cool video you are pretty and beautiful #on period

  10. Posted by amndvargas, — Reply

    fui fazer em mim e ficou horrivel

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